Monday, November 7, 2011


Every October I start dreaming about the first day of the season. Sometimes it's a full on winter day with a deep snowpack but no base. Other years it's a bluebird day with almost no snow. Regardless of the year you're almost guaranteed to leave P-tex on some rocks. The key is to hit an area that either has lingering old snow or a glacier that's got small enough slots that won't eat you up. After last weeks Wed night storm it looked like Sunday would be a go as the weather shaped up. Photos...

We decided to hit one of our favourite zones in Squamish that always seems to deliver. After 30 minutes off road the snow got deep enough to stop my truck around 200m from the trail-head. Nice! We skinned up and made out way across a couple of creeks and the early season slide alder.

After an initial steep climb we emerged in the alpine where the snow looked reasonable.

Once on the glacier we realized we would actually be getting some quality November turns!

When we got to the base of Cypress Peak Mike decided to do his best Billy Goat impression.

Eric and Mike dropped in first with a world class view of the Tantalus Range and the Squamish River valley.

We spent the afternoon sharing the zone with only 3 other guys milking the November snow!

We made it back to the truck just before dark and celebrated a perfect first day of the 2011/12 snow season!


  1. Your turns from the air... awesome tracks!

  2. Thanks Mary, that's really cool! In that first shot we were actually stopped and looking up at you.

  3. Awesome Pat, looks like legit pow turns. Can't complain about that in early November.

  4. Thanks Jonathan! Tough to complain for sure.... hopefully you're seeing some for yourself!