Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Britannia's Sea to Sky Gold....

Every morning when I look south from Squamish towards the hills above Howe Sound I'm reminded of the loamy gems that weave through the old growth forest and cliff bands. It's not an area typically frequented by bicycles so it's always a treat to get the tires on it once the snow melts.

The first part of the trail weaves through some mossy and loamy coastal gold only found near the sea.

After a few hours you find yourself on granite bluffs with great views of Squamish's Mt. Garibaldi...  

And the Howe Sound....

Another classic only 15 minutes from Squamish.


  1. Nice to have such treasures in your backyard.

  2. It's a tough life for sure Ina!

  3. Great pictures as usual Pat!

    How easy is it to route find in this area without a guide? I think I have a rough idea of how to access the trails, but there's not much info around and I'm wondering if just heading out with a bike is likely to lead me to the goods?

  4. Cheers Dan.... I would guess it's pretty difficult to access the trail network here without knowing exactly where to drop in. There's a jumble of new logging roads and activity and it's changed over the last year. Best bet is to get someone to show you the area.