Tuesday, February 18, 2014

West Coast week-end in Squamish....

Danielle and I spent January getting lost in the high Andes of South America. The decision was made when it became clear this years winter, had plans to act like summer. We decided on a riding trip in Peru's legendary Cordillera Blanca.... Photos and story to follow shortly but here are a couple of teaser photos....

When we arrived back in Squamish in the first week of February snow was no where to be seen in the mountains but the temperatures were on the chilly side. This created some very unique and special conditions that would allow us to have a unique long week-end. We spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday Ice Skating on Brohm Lake, Stump Lake and the Squamish River right behind our house. It was a super rare experience to walk 100m from our door and strap on skates at sea level!

Sunday afternoon we took a break from the ice and Emily joined us from Pemberton to sample some flowy single-track in Britannia. What month is this again?

Monday am we woke to a beautiful winter dump and headed to the river for another round of hockey. These four days will be tough to beat anytime soon....



  1. Was wondering what happened to you lot! looking forward to reading up on the trip!

  2. Cheers Jbeg.... Back in action in Canada again!