Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall a Rama....

With summer holding on and a bluebird forecast on the week-end, the Chilcotins were pulling me back in their direction for one last alpine ride. The air was crisp and these hills had already received a few nice snowy dustings. This is simply the best time of the year to ride these magic ribbons of single-track.            

The colours in the Bridge River Valley were spectacular.

Saturday morning we set off from Tyaughton Lake and made our way up the old Taylor Mine road.

The alpine was glowing as we rounded the corner to Camel Pass.

From this vantage juicy single-track spreads out in every direction....  


Not another sole around....

Truax still held a little new snow....  

We arrived at the North Cinnabar drop in just before dark and milked this beautiful piece of magic one more time.... See you next year.


  1. Great Pics once again Pat!!
    Curious, are you wearing knee pads, warmers or 3/4 length chamois? I'm looking for something similar for spring and fall!


    1. Thanks very much Justin.... I just use a simple 3/4 knee warmer this time of the year. Easy on and off.